June in The Cotswolds 

My dad moved to America when I was five. I was fortunate enough to visit him yearly, and when I was 10 the birth of my half sister meant I had a whole other family out there. The summer, said little sister has been sent over for a whole two months! I knew I was going to have my work cut out entertaining a 9 month old and a 16 year old (especially on about 4 hours sleep a night!) but was also looking forward to being reminded of all the wonderful things that The Cotswolds has to offer. Sometime we forget or overlook what we have right on our door step!

Instead of saving all our activities up to the end of the summer, I thought I would share more regularly our day trips to offer inspiration for your own summer calendar.

1. All Things Wild

2. Cotswold Lavender

3. Hotel Du Vin

4. Primrose Vale

3 thoughts on “June in The Cotswolds 

  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you J-L. That was a great blog. Loved hearing what my 2 grandaughters and great-grandaughter are doing this summer. Wish I was there xxx


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