CBD Oil for inflammatory arthritis

For the last few months I’ve been seeing CBD oil crop up as a treatment for rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. So much so, even my Rheumatologist mentioned with an eye roll that “everyone seems to be trying that these days”.

I’d tried vaping it before when I was very first diagnosed in February 2019 and I enjoyed doing it and I felt it did help me sleep, but didn’t get much relief from the pain I was in.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is found naturally in marijuana and hemp plants. It is legal in the UK as it doesn’t contain the THC extract from cannabis which is responsible for making people “high”. It is used by some people as a complementary treatment for arthritis because it claims to reduce pain and inflammation, although there is currently little research to back this up.

When Cannubu offered for me to try their oil I was excited, and apprehensive. Cannubu are a company that produce CBD oil in the UK. I initially checked that it didn’t contradict with any of the medication I am currently on, and I was good to go. I am in no way a medical professional, so these views are my own and just based on myself – please check with your doctor before trying any complementary treatments to ensure they are safe for you.

Some animal research has found that CBD oil can help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, hence why it seems to be cropping up time and time again for arthritis patients. I am in a few arthritis groups online, and it really is a hot topic! From speaking to regular CBD users, I have discovered that not all products are created equal. It is important to look for a high quality CBD as .ow-grade CBD may not actually have any benefits. Cannubu claim that their products are produced to the highest quality standards.

I was sent a 10% 1000mg CBD Oil. The directions for use say to put one droplet of the oil under your tongue and hold for one minute before swallowing. They advise to do this 1-3 times daily, and to increase use as needed. I have been having quite a horrible flare for the last few months, and therefore I have not yet felt the benefits of CBD oil on my arthritis – but I am going to keep trying and I am hoping that as I come out of my flare I will feel these benefits, as I know so many people do. One thing I have really noticed since using it regularly it an improvement on my anxiety and my sleep – and I have seen other people talk about this too. Based on this alone I will continue using CBD, and feeling additional benefits from it will be a bonus!

You can learn more about Cannubu from their Facebook or Instagram pages.

All views within this blog are my own, and I was gifted a bottle of CBD oil from Cannubu to review.

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