Thanks for stopping by! Here I document my journey of the highs and lows of motherhood, from hitting amazing milestones to my battle with PND, from fun first birthdays to miscarriage. Nothing can prepare you for the rollercoaster of parenthood, and I started my blog in a bid to remind other mums that we aren’t alone – we are all in this together. You’re doing a bloody fantastic job. 

The Cotswold Blogging Awards

For the first year ever, the Cotswolds is having their own awards to celebrate all the amazing talent we have in the form of bloggers! I would love your nominations if you think I am worthy of an award. To read more about the categories and to make your nominations, take a look. 


About me

My name is Jamie and I am a mum of one living in the Cotswolds with my husband, our baby girl, and our two crazy dogs.

I write about my raw experience of motherhood and my life since becoming a mum. My daughter was born in September 2016 following a peaceful hypnobirth, but what followed for us was not peaceful at all. She had colic, a dairy allergy, and was a very poor sleeper. My mental health struggled and I felt a million miles away from the Instagrammable mother I had dreamed I would be. Motherhood is such a blessing, but not everyone prepares you for how tough the ride will be. That is what I try to encompass within my blog, a truthful account of my journey.

I am very passionate about supporting and empowering other women, especially mamas.

A bit about non-mum Jamie

I sometimes feel that I no longer exist away from my daughter and I have to re-ground myself and remember that I am still me, Jamie, and not just ‘mum’. I work as a Psychological Researcher and I love my job. I love to write and I love to read. I love Psychology and I am passionate about mental health, both learning about it and finding small ways to try and support people. I strive hard to make a difference, even if it is just a tiny one. I love countryside walks. I love good food. I love coffee. I love handbags. I am a bit obsessed with stationary. I could wittle on, but that is enough for now 😉